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33 lessons at 33

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Some wisdom that's carrying me through as I age

This article was originally posted in my newsletter - the Tiff Weekly.

33 lessons at 33

  1. When you write a memoir, it’s the mens’ names, not the women’s ones that you’ll have to change.

  2. Work-life balance doesn’t exist, there’s only one of us living one life.

  3. Conversations improve if you seek to listen rather than to talk.

  4. Confidence doesn’t spontaneously happen, it comes from doing the thing.

  5. Similarly, motivation doesn’t come from nowhere either, you just have to start.

  6. Patience is the most important thing you need if you have high standards for your life.

  7. Happiness comes from feeling wealthy in time.

  8. Live your life like it’s short, but work your careers like they’ll be long.

  9. You are shaped by who you surround yourself with.

  10. What you read and consume matters, too.

  11. ‘Put your phone away when you’re working’ is the only productivity hack you need.

  12. Hold an abundance mindset when it comes to work, money and dating.

  13. Plan your day and ask yourself what’s the one thing that’s going to progress you today.

  14. Acknowledge that when you’re procrastinating, you’re avoiding difficult emotions and then get on with doing the thing.

  15. Accept rejection sucks and put yourself out there anyway.

  16. No one is thinking about you as much as you think they are.

  17. Writing a list of 10 things you’re grateful for each day makes you happier.

  18. Exercise and make it a priority to get it done.

  19. Accept that control is an illusion, but autonomy is a human need.

  20. Rest (scrolling on your phone is fake rest).

  21. Be ruthless about who you give time to to create space for others more worthy.

  22. Don’t work with horrible or rude people.

  23. Know what’s important to you and accept the trade-offs you make based on those conscious choices.

  24. Don’t judge people for having different values to you.

  25. Seek the gift and opportunity out of every setback or hardship.

  26. Ask, what can I learn from this?

  27. Work hard and you’ll succeed is a myth that’s killing us.

  28. Dating is great because you learn something about yourself with each person you meet.

  29. The fear of a difficult conversation is always worse than just having the difficult conversation.

  30. What’s left unsaid builds itself in power.

  31. To celebrate birthdays is to celebrate life and I love parties.


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