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I'm Tiffany Philippou

I’m a writer living in London.


I'm the author of memoir Totally Fine (and other lies I've told myself) and I co-host the Is this Working? podcast.


Totally Fine is proof of the fact that many of us read to know we are not alone, and that many of us also write to know we are not alone.

Tiffany has taken a brutal experience and fashioned something beautiful and restorative from it. I wish I'd had this book to guide me into adulthood.

Sathnam Sanghera,  author and journalist

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My book: Totally fine (and other lies I've told myself) 

My memoir, Totally Fine (and other lies I've told myself) is out now. 

It is only by sharing our stories that we can give a voice to what is unspoken. 

Will go a long way to helping those struggling with the stigma and shame that, sadly, persistently surrounds mental health.

Vicky Spratt,

Candid and highly readable, her book carves out an important space to talk about loss and mental health, and particularly how it affects loved ones. But it’s also a massively relatable story of dizzy, messy twenty-something life.

If Dolly Alderton, Glennon Doyle and Elizabeth Day had a love child, this is the writer they’d produce.

Laura Jane Williams,
author and journalist

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In my 30s and building a life from a place I didn't think I'd be 🍋.


Sharing my personal stories, blunt opinions and my culture and lifestyle recommendations.

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Is This Working? podcast:

The podcast hosted by two best friends who question everything we've ever been taught about work, life and happiness. 

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